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Do you live in the Lisbon area or Alentejo? Become a co-producer! As a member of our Community Supported Agriculture Program, you are connecting to our ethical principles and defending agricultural practices that regenerate the soil, water, forests and wild life. For a six month period, you'll receive products for a fixed price (quotes), including organic vegetables, meat, bread, dairy, fruit, soup and/or hygiene products.  

This will allow you to integrate a production and consumption model that is closely connected to the farmer - promoting information, consciousness, and shared responsibility. You'll have the privilege of knowing the faces behind the food production that currently supports 35 working posts and a social economical project from up close. 

Contact geral@herdadedofreixodomeio.pt to find out more. 


We are a community made up by those who participate in the construction and in the development of our agroecological project, from the beginning (workers, consumers, residents, neighbors, farmers, partners, visitors and other user

If you like our work, make a donation or become a Patron! At Montado do Freixo do Meio we serve what we call the "Plan of Life", we defend the Right to Food and Food SOvereignity, we we cooperate daily for the construction of a Common Good. We try to integrate in nature, recuperate the fertility of the soil and restore ecosystems in a diverse and non-invasive way. We have multiple environmental projects in course such as reforestation campaigns, planting dynamic successive agroforests, and habitat protection. We think of the generations to come and we need resources and investment. 

We are a social organization, legally protected in Portugal and authorized to receive donations. 

Make your contribution to:

Cooperativa de Usuários do Freixo do Meio, S.L.R.

IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 4552 0887 792 05

thank you!

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