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After a visit to our farm and getting to know our production methods, come sit at the table with us and have a taste at our organic meals.


At our restaurant “Cabana dos Bois” we serve vegetarian meals, the best local pork meat recipes, as well as our innovative acorn meals made from our own Oak trees.



Restaurant “Cantina Cabana dos Bois”

Become a member of our Montado family by joining the team at our daily lunches.


We’ll have a meat and a vegetarian dish waiting for you, made with fresh ingredients from our agroecological vegetable garden.


Included are bread, soup or salad, main dish, fruit, and water.



7.50€ p.p.


Open from 12.30 am to 2 pm. No reservation required.



Traditional Dishes

At our Montado, you’ll soon be able to enjoy a variety of traditional meals such as stews made with our local pork or lamb.

Stay tuned as more information will follow soon.



Traditional Stew made in clay pots 

We prepare our stew recreating the ancestry local cooking tradition of “cocaria”: placing clay pots on charcoal spread on the floor. It’s prepared with our organic ingredients: vegetables, meat, and sausages. The stew is served with olives, Alentejo bread (baked in a wood oven), acorn spread, seasonal fruit, red wine, and our acorn infusion.


17.50€ p.p.


Group meals only (10 to 100 people – reservation required)



“Bolota” (acorn) menu

Our vegetarian menu is composed of our innovative recipe of acorn hamburger with a home-made tomato sauce. Served with rice, salad, home baked bread, acorn spread, red wine, and acorn infusion. All ingredients are organic and from the farm.



17.50€ p.p.


Group meals only (10 to 100 people – reservation required)



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